SOLD OUT! RWN Board Event – Chakra Balancing Hypnosis Session

RWN is thrilled to have Patricia (Patty) Meier introduce us to hypnosis and treat us to a Chakra Balancing Hypnosis session. This event will take place in a comfortable relaxed setting, appetizers included.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm
4101 Green Rose Crescent, Regina, SK

Registration prior to event is required.

Register by April 30, 2023 to take advantage of special pricing:
Members  $30.00  |  Guests $35.00

“Free Guest Pass” coupons are applicable on this event.

About Patricia

Patricia Meier is a certified hypnotherapist, specializing in regression hypnosis with a spiritual twist. She works with clients of all ages; from children as young as 8 years to adults of all ages. Patricia's journey with hypnosis began in 2014 while being certified in the Soul Alignment healing modality where she facilitated and received amazing results into past lives. This inspired her to pursue certification as a hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH) in 2018. In May of the same year, she expanded her skills by learning the Simpson Protocol (SP) method with Ines Simpson. Ines' system takes people deeper, faster, and better results than traditional methods. Patricia became certified in the fall of 2020, working with Jacquie Balogh, the Canadian training for SP; since then, taking advanced training that Jacquie created in Past Life, Interlife, and soon to be added Future Life Regression hypnosis.

The most common question she receives is whether everyone can be hypnotized? Her response is yes, she believes they can if they are willing to allow themselves to go into hypnosis and to allow their Superconscious Mind to do the work that needs to be done to resolve their current habits, beliefs, issues, or concerns.

Tickets for this event are sold out!