RWN Board Event – Labyrinth Walk

Discover the transformative power of nature and the labyrinth. Erin Campbell Howell will facilitate as we walk this ancient meditative path together. Supper will feature purebred HiLow Angus beef raised on Erin’s family farm. The evening will conclude with a sharing circle. We look forward to hosting this event and hope you can come!

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 from 5:00pm to 8:30pm
Lumsden, SK – We will gather at 5:00pm at Northgate Mall and depart together as a group.

Registration prior to event is required.

Register by July 16, 2023 to take advantage of special pricing:
Members  $35.00  |  Guests  $40.00

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About Erin

Erin is an experienced consultant who specializes in leadership team development, coaching, and facilitation. She has incorporated the labyrinth into her practice and is passionate about guiding people through this ancient meditative practice.

About Labyrinths

Labyrinths have been around for over 4,000 years, and they are found in various cultures worldwide. Unlike a maze, which can be confusing with many pathways and dead ends, a labyrinth has a single pathway that leads to the center. The entrance and exit are the same place, which creates a sense of unity and wholeness.

Lauren Artress, the Founder of Veriditas, a labyrinth organization, believes that labyrinths come into our consciousness when we need them on the planet. They have a calming effect on people and are designed to help them find their way. Walking a labyrinth can be a meditative and transformative experience that can help people quiet their minds, reduce stress, and gain insight into their lives.

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